Our strategy service offering: auditing, advice and assistance with the strategic management of your corporate information systems.

Stratégie d'entreprise

Your company has to adapt to its operating plan, development policy, and economic and competitive environment.

It defines its position and adopts a strategic posture to respond to market developments.

We provide more than mere strategic support: we identify and develop the competitive advantages of your business model.

We provide a critical and technical overview to identify and define what priority actions are needed.

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Strategic management

PMP Ingénierie SAS contributes towards the strategic management of your company's information system.

Audit-conseil en stratégie d'entreprise
  • It audits, analyses and reports on how your Corporate, Business and Information Systems strategies can be brought into alignment, to match the content of your project portfolio.

  • It identifies and then proposes a selection of higher added-value projects: estimates of P&L and the economic value of the project portfolio.

  • It balances your project portfolio based on financial, technical and human ratios.

  • It launches and monitors your projects and your project portfolio.

  • It introduces indicators to help with management and performance assessment, reconfiguring your project portfolio as needed.

  • It monitors the economic performance and operational consequences of the results of your projects and your project portfolio.

  • Its draws up, analyses and monitors dashboards of indicators, dimensioning ratios and comparative and prospective studies.

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"Project, method, results"