Your Cybersecurity with PMP Ingénierie

Cyber ​​risk is more and more present and companies have to face it.
Are they aware of it?
How do they protect themselves?
Are they protected enough?
Do they have a business continuity plan (BCP)? A business recovery plan (BRP)? Tools needed to protect them according to the challenges of the Enterprise Information System (IT) and Industrial Information System (OT)?
Cybersecurity is a risk management tool available to companies.
They can be of 3 natures:
• Human: mishandling, intent to harm ...
• Equipment: flood, fire ...
• Software: obsolescence, security breach ...
Company must therefore treat its Cybersafe response according to these 3 vectors.
PMP Ingénierie, with its qualified engineers and 25 years of experience in France and internationally, supports companies in their response to their cyber-risks.
Why choose us ?
A mission framework according to context, objectives and economic and strategic issues.
Pro-activity in the proposal of problem solving, pedagogical approach on these questions neither simple to understand nor easy to evaluate, access to a drawer offer as needed.
A critical, technical and budgetary look at what needs to be done with regard to security requirements and objectives.
Support in the implementation, establishment of the process of continuous improvement.
Support to the ISO 27001 certification process on behalf of the company in relation to the auditor.
Assistance during audit processes.
Periodic monitoring.
1. Audit, consulting, analysis of the existing and recommendation of an action plan to secure the Enterprise Information System (IT) and the Industrial Information System (OT).
2. Support in the implementation in project mode.
3. Follow-up and update to the state of the art as needed.
4. Customized services according to demand.
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"Project, method, results"