Outsourced project management

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Our service offering concerning outsourced project management: conducting projects, programmes and projects portfolios.

Mode projet

Project management is a structural necessity for companies.

It enables them to construct their development step-by-step and to control their future.

We assist you and your team over the entire project life cycle, from the feasibility study stage through to deploying the information systems solution and monitoring gains on the ground.

Some structural definitions:

  • Project: "A temporary undertaking intended to produce a single result, product or service"; source: PMI.

  • Programme: a set of projects that requires a particular management approach, which takes into account its dimensions and the number of people involved.

  • Projects portfolio management: a discipline including IT, corporate strategy, project management, organisation and finance.

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Projects, programmes and projects portfolio management.

Projects, programmes and projects portfolio management - PMP Ingénierie SAS organises each action individually, using the most appropriate tools to ensure your projects are a success:

Mode projet
  • Information Systems Business Plan.

  • Auditing, advice and expertise on information system projects.

  • Project management assistance on information system projects specifications.

  • Designing, conducting and implementing information system projects.

  • Professionalising the project management activity.

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"Project, method, results"