Business processes

Business Processes

Our service offering concerning the auditing, modelling and reconfiguration of your company's business processes.

Processus métier

Every company owes its survival and progress to its ability to adapt to and embrace change.

Your company consists of a large number of business processes, governed by protocols which you need to know how to adapt, and sometimes even call into question in order to streamline your organisation based on your strategic objectives.

  • Reinforcing a competitive advantage.

  • Keeping up to speed with your competitors.

  • Improving your profitability.

  • Optimising your responsiveness.

  • Upgrading the quality of your products and services.

  • Integrating new specific and generic suppliers and clients.

  • etc.

But do you know precisely how to measure the various impacts of a decision to reorganise your company's processes?

Do you know the cost and and production times for your products and services?

To do so, you need a catalogue of your business processes, a BPM system and a defined value chain.

So, what is our role?

To provide you with these elements, enabling you to increase control over the production of your products and services in line with your environment and constraints.

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Auditing and modelling your business processes

PMP Ingénierie SAS designs, formalises and measures your business processes and value chain.

Processus métier

We conduct a detailed study of your catalogue of business processes across your value chain.

We model, document and formalise your business processes for you.

We assess the efficiency of your business processes.

We design and "reverse engineer" your business processes.

We break your business processes down into:

  • Activities.

  • Procedures.

  • Persons responsible.

  • Clients of the process.

  • Flows.

  • Connectors.

  • BPM.

  • etc.

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Reconfigurating your business processes

PMP Ingénierie SAS studies and introduce and secure the best long-term organisational and technical solutions for you:

Processus métier
  • Identifying critical value-generating processes, or the elements supporting them, in the production of your products and services.

  • Successively breaking down processes into activities, procedures, operations, examples and tasks.

  • Identifying breaks in the processes that require reconciliation.

  • Identifying and merging data present in the same activities within the same process.

  • Incorporating strategy into process modelling, as it is entirely possible for the company's strategy to differentiate itself from its competitors to apply at business process level.

  • ...

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