4.0 products and services

4.0 products & services offer

PMP Ingénierie SAS took part in in design, consultancy, production and integration of current development and transformation opportunities which will allow you to make new gains by relying on our range of 4.0 products and services.

Offre de produits et services 4.0

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  Intervention's areas
Technological bricks Design Consulting Production Intégration
Industrial applications X X X X
Automation, transitics, process robotics X X X X
Autonomous and communicating sensors   X   X
Cloud and big data X X X X
Communication and machine agility   X   X
Smart composants    X   X
Conception and virtual qualification of production systems X X X X
Conception, innovative product simulation and testing X X X X
Cybersecurity X X X X
Customer relation digitizing X X X X
Supply chain digitizing X X X X
Economy functionality X X X X
Open environnement X X X X
Quality product management X X X X
Production management and control X X X X
Simulation infrastructure X X X X
Big Data infrastructures and distributed computing X X X X
Open and collaborative innovation X X X X
Human factor intégration X X X X
Integration and Digital chaining process X X X X
Industrial Internet  X X X X
Process simulation softwares X X X X
Smarts machines   X   X
Factory digital mockup X X X X
Data measurement and analysis X X X X
New knowledge and skills management tools X X X X
Maintenance optimization, predictive maintenance
Real time / on demand works' preparation X X X X
Integrated networks X X X X

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