The company

Presentation of PMP INGENIERIE SAS

Founded in Chartres in 2014, PMP Ingénierie SAS is a firm of engineers, industrials and services information systems engineering and project management experts.

PMP Ingénierie SAS offers personalised services in the fields of new technologies, Numeric, Digital as well as in compagnies' development strategy.

PMP Ingénierie SAS works mainly in the sectors of industry, agriculture, healthcare and cosmetics on topical issues affecting these sectors: Industry 4.0, Smart Agriculture & FPI, eHealth & Serialisation and wired beauty.

PMP Ingénierie SAS defines its projects based on the company's strategic objectives and the priorities of its senior management, adapting them to the structure (size, constraints, calendar, limits and potentials), optimising the resources and added-valued produced.

PMP Ingénierie SAS enables companies to respond to the economic challenges of the digital era : developing performance in terms of turnover (profitability), market, human resources and organisation of work (efficiency, productivity, flexibility).

For over 20 years, PMP Ingénierie SAS has conducted digital transformation projects for its clients, from VSEs to key accounts, in numerous sectors and environments, in France and abroad.

Our role is to guide you through the challenges of growth, competitiveness and profitability connected with your information systems.

Our promise : to support you through your process of change with professionalism and business ethics.

Committed to achieving your results, our objective eye gives you the necessary distance from your business to increase your profitability.

Why "Polytechnique" ? Because, as a firm of engineers, we have learned, developed and refined many techniques which we use to meet the complex needs of our clients. "Poly" is a prefix that comes from the Greek πολλοί (polloí) meaning "many".

And "Management Projet" ? Because project management is our preferred way of working : we believe in its benefits (handling of constraints, accelerating the transformation process, tracking gains…) which enable us to respond on a daily basis to the strategic challenges facing our customers.

Administrative and legal information

  • PMP Ingénierie - Polytechnique & Management Projet, SAS with capital of €10,000.

  • Address of head office: 3, Rue Henry Potez - BP 30240 - 28104 Dreux Cedex – France.

  • Tel.: +33 (0)9 88 66 63 45.

  • Trade and companies register: RCS Chartres 805 398 633.

  • SIRET no.: 805398633 00018.

  • NII: FR 19 805398633.

  • APE code: 7112B.

  • PMP Ingénierie - Polytechnique & Management Projet has public liability coverage up to €1,000,000.


"Project, method, results"