8 key questions at the heart of the competitiveness of your information system that you may never have asked yourself :

  1. For you, what is the ideal information system?

  2. Have you asked yourself recently how good your information system is and what it consists of ?

  3. In practical terms, is your information system a means of achieving your strategic objectives?

  4. Have you introduced a policy to align your company's information systems with your operational strategy?

  5. Do you work in project mode to achieve your strategic objectives and do you set up projects to reach them?

  6. Have you defined which projects you are going to set up this year and in the coming years to achieve your strategic objectives?

  7. Do you regularly reorganise your company to adapt it to meeting your strategic objectives using a BPM approach for example?

  8. Have you drawn up an up-to-date list of your company's business processes and defined the value chain of your company?

These key questions rings any bells ?

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